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Most people perceive "anger" as bad. Yet, it can be used constructively in overcoming depression, which affects many people in the world today. Mental health is a ghostly epidemic rarely mentioned in the media today. Self-awareness when suffering allows us to become conscious of how our mind functions, yet the invisibility of depression makes effective treatment difficult. Even more important is what is within our control to demonstrate self-love towards ourselves.


Whenever we seek help from medical professionals, they must perform a diagnosis and identify the issue before treating it. We trust health professionals so much from their many years of schooling and experiences; they have much credibility that most do not ever doubt them. Yet, health professionals - just like us - are humans, after all, and prone to human errors. Health professionals can make mistakes in diagnosing patients. This is especially prevalent in the domain of psychology and psychiatry as it is difficult to determine psychological disorders. No sample can be taken from our body to analyze what we are suffering mentally. Health professionals in this domain can only diagnose us based on what we tell them and by the behaviours we exhibit. Self-education is essential, as we are the best arbiters for determining which diagnoses best fit what we are experiencing. This book aims to help you improve yourself in building self-awareness to treat your depression and to communicate effectively with health care professionals from whom you may seek help. Even if you are not suffering from depression, being cognizant of one aspect of your life allows you to transfer those self-awareness skills learned in this book to other facets that are lacking, granting you the ability to confront any difficult predicament in which you may find yourself.


Deep down inside, you already have all the answers to solve your depression and problems. This book will bring all those bettering thoughts to the forefront of your mind, allowing you to be aware and act on them by completing the steps in this book. The road will be tough and long, but I promise you that, when you recover from your depression, you will be a more complete person, feeling that you can conquer anything in this world once you crawl out of the dark and deep hole that you dug for yourself.


Wishing you all the best on your journey.




Terrence Li


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GET ANGRY!!! Conquer Depression with Constructive Anger

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  • This book is written for those looking for a new perspective to better their situation by developing self-awareness skills to improve themselves by taking responsibility for tackling their own problems. In this book, I have described my own situations and experiences to demonstrate the methods and techniques I have used to conquer depression.


    The information in this ebook can be applied to overcome not just depression, but any obstacle or situation you may face in life. I am now passing on this information to help others through their difficult time, as my depression almost led me to commit suicide.




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